US slaps duties on Vietnamese steel originating from China

The US Commerce Department has slapped steep import duties on steel products from Vietnam that originated in China after finding they evaded US anti-dumping and anti-subsidy orders. The decision marked

Kim Jong Nam had nerve agent antidote in bag, Malaysian court told

Kim Jong Nam, the murdered half-brother of North Korea’s leader, had a dozen vials of antidote for lethal nerve agent VX in his sling bag on the day he was

Footscray’s Saigon night market is back for summer

Melbourne’s western suburb of Footscray is bringing back its bustling night market, offering plenty of street food, live entertainment and merchandise stalls. The Saigon Footscray Market located on Leeds Street

Vietnamese woman arrested over Coburg hit-run

A Vietnamese woman charged with the hit and run of a 13-year-old girl in Melbourne’s north has appeared in court for the first time. 41-year-old Thi Nguyen from Sunshine North

Trump’s stop in Vietnam a poignant one for US veterans

Whether they like President Donald Trump or not, the US veterans who gather at Hoa’s Place in Danang show little concern that he avoided the war that marked their lives.

Concerns raised as growing number of Vietnamese Americans face deportation

Immigrant rights organisations in the United States fear that thousands of Vietnamese Americans are at a heightened risk of deportation. Southeast Asian American community rights groups on Monday issued an

Japanese doctor warns Vietnamese of vocational trainee system

A Japanese doctor has produced a short video highlighting the slave like conditions Vietnamese vocational trainees are subjected to in the East Asian country. In the video, Doctor Junpei Yamamura

North Richmond to host a trial on a safe injecting room amid soaring heroin overdoses

A two-year trial for a safe injecting room in North Richmond has been green-lighted by the Victorian Government. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who previously opposed the trial changed his mind

A Buddhist monastery in Melbourne holds a fundraising concert

A fundraiser at a Fawkner Monastery over the weekend has drawn in performances from two US singers. The concert was held to raise money for renovations at Quang Duc monastery,